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Chapter 31

  • Jewel POV
  • It's almost a week ago but still each of those days got ruined because of the specific person that she really didn’t want to see but unlucky, she did. She often visits her best friend Calleigh but she can't stay at Dark's house because Thunder is also there which she is very annoyed with. She didn't know if it was just a coincidence or that man intentionally annoyed her. And when they meet with Celine just to talk about the catering of their wedding, they don't finish discussing because the two did nothing but to flirt in front of her, in fact she wants to cancel the catering of her restaurant at the wedding of two but it will turn out to be an unprofessional and it will affect her restaurant so she decided to not to.
  • And today, she is with her parents in their company because they have something important to talk about. Meanwhile, her son was with her nanny at the mall which is also near to their company. While she was talking with her parents, her phone suddenly rang. She excused herself for a while just to answer the call.
  • Eliza Calling .....
  • Her forehead furrowed after she saw that her son's nanny was calling. "Hello Eliza, why did you get called?" She asked after answering.
  • She did not hear an answer from the other line that makes her repeat the question just in case the speaker had simply not heard. "M-ma'am, i-it was---" the nanny stammered. She got suddenly nervous when she heard Eliza stutter.
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