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Chapter 67

  • Months passed by and they continued their life and moved on to what had happened. Dark also found out what had happened and Calli was very worried about her friend but she still couldn't go home at that time because she was giving birth. While Cain and Monique have gone abroad, until now they have not been able to find a donor but they are confident that they will also be able to find one.
  • Jewel is now here in New York with husband and son. They have been here for almost a week and Jewel is very happy because Storm's relationship with his father has finally improved.
  • They are currently at a resort because Thunder has a meeting here, Jewel can't understand why her husband needs to take them with him even though it's just a meeting. The girl tried to ask her son but he also did not answer. He then felt a strange nervousness. It's past six in the evening Jewel is getting dressed, since this morning she hasn't seen her husband.
  • "Mom, are you done? Can you make it fast, daddy is waiting for us." Storm said as he entered in their suite
  • Sometimes he really wants to raise her eyebrows because of her childish attitude. He really inherited his behavior from his father who doesn't want to wait long.
  • "Let's go, where is your daddy? I haven't seen him since this morning."
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