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Chapter 36

  • Thunder's POV
  • After Thunder and Jewel talked, he went straight to Cain's condo but the young man was not there. He already knew that the friend was with Jewel during the times he left her. The day he found out everything to the private investigator, he quickly went to Cain. At first, they didn't have a good conversation. He was even punched by his friend a few times for being a jerk. But later, they also got along when Thunder explained everything.
  • He only wants one thing to happen now. That is to be with his son and Jewel and be a whole family. He was overjoyed when he found out that Jewel and he had a child and he also found out from Cain that she had no other boyfriend since they broke up. So, he didn't waste time, the next morning he immediately went to Jewel's house to talk to her and confirm the truth to his wife but at first, it seemed like she had no plans to tell him but the good thing was he brought the DNA test result with him and with Storm. It was provided by David so that in case Jewel denies the truth, he has some evidence to prove it.
  • And now his problem was his child. He feels so sad and devastated to see his own child not wanting him to be his father. He can't blame the child because he grew up without him and according to Jewel, the child knows the whole story of why they aren't together. So, he wasn't surprised to see that his child hated him for what he did to his mother. He regretted everything he had done in the past and he was ready to face all the consequences and can do anything just to get their forgiveness. He will not allow him to lose his wife and child again. He thought it's also his fault for why these things happened. Because if he had only been a good husband back then to Jewel, they would probably be a happy family now. If he hadn't hurt his wife, it wouldn't have led to this situation.
  • He took his phone to call Cain just to ask him to have a drink. He can't call Dark to have drinks. After all, he knew it was not possible because his girlfriend Calleigh was pregnant.
  • It took one minute before his friend answered the call. "Why did you call, T?" the latter asked on the other line
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