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Chapter 87

  • Thunder POV
  • I'm here now in front of Jewel's parents, after a week that my husband still hasn't come back and I still can't find her, I already told them what happened. I want to leave Storm with them first because I will be the one to look for Jewel.
  • "It's been a week since my daughter went missing and you just informed us today?" Papa angrily said, Jewel's father.
  • "I thought Jewel would come back to Pa but I'm looking for her too and now I'm here to ask if you can take care of our son first because I'll be the one to look for my wife." I said.
  • "Be sure you can bring my daughter back Thunder otherwise you won't be able to be with them anymore." Jewel’s Dad seriously said.
  • Mama quickly stroked her husband's back. "Calm down honey, you heard Thunder said that he will look for our daughter, he won't let his family get into trouble again. It's only natural for a couple to have something. misunderstanding."
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