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Chapter 82

  • Jhazzy POV
  • I know that Jewel saw my wallpaper, I really meant to change it before we met and left it on our table before I said to her that I will go to the comfort room. I waited a few more minutes before returning to our table to make sure she already saw it.
  • I know that she will ask about my son's father and this is also the right time for her to know the truth. My month of waiting is over and I don't want to prolong it any longer. Actually, Jewel is kind, the only problem is that she became the wife of the man I love so she has to get out of my way.
  • After we ate we decided to take a walk first, Jewel had been quiet and knew that she was thinking about what she saw.
  • While we were on the bench my phone rang and saw Thunder was calling, a smile flashed on my lips, I wouldn’t have a hard time anymore.
  • "Jewel just a minute. I need to take this call." I whispered to her and got up and walked away.
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