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Chapter 42

  • A month passed by since he and his wife talked, Jewel also decided to live with Thunder in their old house together with their son, at first Storm didn't want to go but in the long run his mother forced him too, because this is the only way Jewel thought for his son and Thunder to be close to each other, in the following days everything was not easy for Thunder.
  • When he tries to talk to his son, he can't get any answer from him, when he invites him to play his son does not want to, when he cooks Storm does not even pay attention to it. It was hard and painful for him as a father but he doesn't have any choice, he needs to do it for his son.
  • Sometimes Thunder feels like there is no chance that his son will accept him. He feels unwanted and useless but he thinks that he can't give up, he can't just give up the family he hopes for. He just thinks that it still lacks compensation for everything he has done to his wife.
  • Jewel is not here now because she went with Kevin to take care of what happened at their house last week and also because of her parents' fears so they agreed to let them stay with Thunder for their safety too.
  • He also chose to leave work for how many days to spend time for his family and because he wanted to focus on his son, he wanted to make up for everything. He knows that it will be hard for him to do it but he is determined to fix his family. He doesn't want to get to the point where he would regret doing nothing for his family. He doesn't want Jewel and his son to run away again.
  • After a few minutes Jewel arrives and now they are going to Dark's house because Calleigh said that she misses Jewel and she also wants to see Storm, she will give birth in a few months so she has to be more careful.
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