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Chapter 69

  • Jewel POV
  • I could barely move what I saw, as the noise inside the bar suddenly disappeared. I could see the fear in my husband's eyes and the woman bowed as if ashamed of what had happened. Based on the rumors of other employees, it looks like she is just a beginner because she doesn't seem to know that the guy she was flirting with is already married.
  • I don’t know what my reaction will be because of what I witnessed. I can't quite imagine that Thunder will be able to betray me after all we've been through. I just smiled bitterly.
  • "Why did you shut up all of a sudden? You all continue the party. I just went by to see if my husband is okay and he looks fine so I can already sleep soundly," I said and motioned for the DJ to play the music again.
  • "Hon, let me explain," Thunder said as he walked closer to me but I didn't wait for him anymore and I turned around and walked away.
  • I did the running just to get to my car right away before I shed the tears that I had been holding back.
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