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Chapter 50

  • After that night Magaux was taken to the hospital for treatment of her wound and then Thunder ang Jewel were happy because they finally have their son back but he experienced trauma so they had to take him to a psychiatrist to be examined and take medication. They knew it would not be easy for their son what happened that night.
  • Daven and Margaux's parents are currently at the Dawsons' house, apologizing profusely for what their daughter did. When they heard the news, they immediately took a flight to get home.
  • "I'm really sorry for what our daughter did, we didn't know she would end up like this," Marga's mother.
  • "It's okay, what's more important is nothing bad happened."
  • "How is Marga? Where is she?" Jewel couldn't help but ask, even though it had done them harm it was undeniable that the girl was still important to her because she was the sister of her best friend.
  • "She's okay and she's out of the hospital, your aunt and I also decided to put her in rehabilitation first so she can be treated," Daven's father replied.
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