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Chapter 66

  • There was silence in the room after Thunder came out, Jewel was crying so Thunder caressed her back while Cain was sitting quietly on the side of Monique's bed who obviously still couldn't believe what was said. of the doctor.
  • Later they saw the girl waking up. So Cain quickly took hold of her hands. "How are you feeling? Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?" he asked but the girl did not answer.
  • Monique POV
  • I woke up to see nothing but pure darkness. A few times I also asked my roommates why I couldn't see anything and I also got no answer. They called the doctor and I just felt like someone had injected it into me and I suddenly felt drowsy. It was only then that I realized there was something else.
  • And now I woke up and knew they were still here in my room. Cain asks me a few times but I feel like no word wants to come out of my mouth. I should be happy because he’s here next to me but I can’t.
  • Now I realize that everything happened between Marga and me and how I collided. Now I know the answer to my question.
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