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Chapter 28

  • When she arrived at their house, she quickly got out of the taxi. Until now, she is still very annoyed when she thinks about who she was with in that condo.
  • When she entered their house, she immediately went straight to her room to take a bath and get dressed but before that she went first to her son's room to peek at it and saw that he was still sound asleep. She immediately closed the door of the child's room.
  • After she tidied herself up it went down, she found her parents eating so she immediately sat down to share with them.
  • "Good morning Jewel, where were you last night? Why didn't you come home?" her mother asked
  • "Good morning mom, dad! I was with Calleigh last night. We just bonded, you know we haven't seen each other for a long time, she said I'll just spend the night there. I'm sorry if I didn't call right away to let you know. " she explained
  • Her parents immediately nodded at what she said.
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