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Chapter 44

  • Cain remained sitting inside his car, he is here now at the outside of the building where his girlfriend lives. He stayed for a few more minutes before deciding to get out of his car and enter the building.
  • While he was riding in the elevator he still didn't lose his temper, he thought he wouldn't feel this way to his girlfriend.
  • When the elevator opened he walked quickly until he reached the door of Monique's unit, he knocked three times before it opened.
  • "Hi babe," the girl smiled at him and kissed him but he ignored it and went straight inside.
  • The girl was very surprised by her boyfriend's attitude, but she didn't make it a big deal and just closed the door before following him.
  • She saw Cain just standing there. "Are you okay? What do you want to eat babe?" She asked, but she didn't get an answer.
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