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Chapter 9

  • As Jewel planned, she woke up early and prepared breakfast for her husband. She sets the table for their breakfast and she also makes coffee knowing her husband will be downstairs soon.
  • And she's right when she sees her husband is coming. "Good morning, Thunder I prepared breakfast and some coffee," she smiled, greeting him.
  • Thunder never bothered to pay attention to her and directly sat down and ate. As he ate he noticed that her wife was looking at him, " What are you looking at? Do you have plans to eat? " he said irritably.
  • Jewel went back to her senses when she heard her husband's words. " Nothing, nothing, don't mind me. Just continue your food, I'm already full." she replied.
  • Thunder just shook his head and continued to eat. A few minutes later he had already finished his food, he stood up and took the coffee with him in the living room.
  • A big smile formed in Jewel's lips as soon as Thunder left. She's buoyant on how her day started out without arguing with her husband. Right away she washed the dishes.
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