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Chapter 10

  • It's been 3 weeks since the lunch gathering with Thunders Auntie and his cousin happened. On that day Jewel felt so much happiness because of the way her husband treated her, he was so sweet and loving in front of his family even though she knew all of it was part of their act.
  • Since then they are back to normal, her husband back to his regular habit, a drunkard, a womanizer and most of all not minding about her presence but good thing he never brings her women in their house again.
  • She's hurt about it but she endured it all and chose to cry the pain she felt .
  • She mostly thinks that all of this is her fault, why she's being like this , why she suffered and why her life has become miserable.
  • At first he thought everything would be okay and they would live together as a happy married couple after their wedding but she experienced the other way around.
  • All of the happiness she desired to have with him never came to life.
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