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Chapter 46

  • After Monique went to Jewel's house she went straight to a famous bar, almost two weeks ago when they had a misunderstanding as a couple and until now they still can't talk to Cain, she doesn't know what else she need to do, she called Cain how many times but she didn't get an answer, she also went to his condo but he didn't face it.
  • She even went to the young man's office several times but it was always in that meeting, his secretary told her. The other day he saw it in a mall. She was planning to approach him but she stopped walking when she saw a woman with Cain.
  • She felt hurt but she could do nothing because she knew she had made a mistake.
  • She has been following Cain for almost a week but she always sees it with a woman, every time she sees it she seems to be crushed but she can do nothing but accept it. Someone also said that Cain was often at the bar and drank sometimes with his friends, she also knows that Thunder is angry with her.
  • A few minutes later she reached the bar, she quickly parked her car and went straight inside. She felt that she needed alcohol now.
  • She sat at the bar counter because she was alone, she ordered tequila and the bartender served it right away. She was in the middle of drinking when she noticed a familiar person at a table not far from where she was.
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