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Chapter 92

  • Thunder POV
  • We spent almost a week in Baguio and as my wife told me she wanted Marga to help now so what we did the other day was we also sent her parents here. They could not believe that they would be able to see their daughter again who they thought was dead.
  • They also talked about Marga coming back with them and she also asked for a favor to include Granny with them because she said she no longer has a family and they did not hesitate to agree because they are very indebted to Nanang in fostering their child.
  • And if you ask what happened to Jewel and me, you can tell if we are okay again even though she is often naughty or hot -tempered and I understand that because she is pregnant. And now her things are in order because this is the day we will go home.
  • I put the things in the car to get it ready while Jewel was happily talking to Granny and Marga, the next day they were leaving because they still had things to fix. Granny was going to sell her house here but Marga's parents said to make it a vacation house.
  • "You're going back to your family now. Next time, don't run away." Marga joked with Jewel, who made us laugh.
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