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Chapter 65

  • The young man Cain was outside the emergency room, he had been walking back and forth since they arrived here and the girl Monique entered the loon. He didn’t know how he would feel at these times. When he saw the girl bathing in her own blood, he was very nervous and afraid.
  • Later on, he just sat down and weakly prayed that the girl would be well and safe. He knew he had hurt it too much but even so he still loved it even though he was always pushing it away. Of all the painful things he said here it still managed to save him.
  • He was in that state when Thunder arrived. "How is she?" he asked and sat down next to him.
  • "I don't know yet, until now he's still inside and the doctor hasn't come out yet." He answered. "Where is Jewel? How is she?" he added
  • "She's done already in her check up and she is resting now. She fainted before we could go there." Thunder said
  • "She suffered so much, I hope she'll be fine."
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