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Chapter 29

  • Earlier, Jewel was very annoyed because of what her two eyes could see. It seems like she just wants to leave because it looks like the two in front of her have no intention of talking about catering things.
  • "Ahm. Ms. Celine if you don't mind I need to go now. I have something important to attend too. Let's just set another meeting for the foods and desserts." she said
  • "Why do we have to set another day when we can talk now. You know Ms. Jewel I'm a businessman, I'm a busy person so I don't want to waste my time." Thunder groaned
  • She almost killed her ex-husband in her mind because of what he was saying, as if he wanted to show that he was wasting his time, they were wasting his time.
  • "Mr. Alcantara if you are a busy person I am too. You are not the only one who is scheduled to have a meeting with me today, so I suggested that we should set this meeting on another day because I have another meeting right now." she insisted and turned her gaze to Celine who was also looking at her. "You can call me Ms. Suarez if you are ready to set another appointment" she said smiling and the girl immediately nodded and smiled.
  • She returned the sample photos to the folder and quickly stood up to leave that place, she couldn't bear to stay there any longer.
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