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Chapter 41

  • Thunder woke up first and just smiled when he saw the girl next to him who was sound asleep. He could not fully imagine that after a few years he would be with his wife again. He knows he has been stupid and he has not treated her well and he deeply regrets it.
  • Since they got married, his anger has accumulated because he blames Jewel for why he was tied up early and lost being a bachelor. So he promised himself that he would never love her and he would do everything to make her life miserable with him. And he did succeed because of what he did every day and showed it to the girl.
  • And when his wife left him it was only then that he realized all the wrongs he had done, he thought he would not feel love for the girl but on a daily basis without her presence in their house it was there that he realized how important Jewel is to him.
  • He also couldn't understand why he treated the girl like that even though they were friends when they were kids, maybe he was just angry about the marriage thing. And now that he has recovered from this he has no plans to let her go. He will do everything for his family.
  • After a minute Jewel woke up feeling like someone was staring at her and she wasn't mistaken because when she opened her eyes, Thunder's face immediately appeared on her.
  • "Good Morning wifey," he greeted with a smile
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