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Chapter 32

  • When Jewel went upstairs, she went straight to her son's room. She sat down on her son's bed and picked up one of Storm's pillows. She scanned the room, looking at the books and drawings she could see.
  • Later, her eyes darted to a photo album lying on the bedside table. She picked it up and opened it. Her tears quickly dropped when she saw its contents. Pure pictures of her with different angles, with the words 'My superhero and the best mom in the world' written at the bottom. She also saw a few pictures of the two of them together. Her son has a bigger smile in those pictures.
  • Even though her son is still young, she was already proud of him. He grew up smart and could speak well. He also loved to debate like his father.
  • This time, she realizes her shortcomings. She knew in herself that she had great shortcomings with the child. She can't be able to give the child a whole family, then, she also let the child feel that he was alone.
  • Jewell falls in remorse at those times. Perhaps her mother was right that she was to blame for all of the happenings and no one else should be blamed, only her.
  • The next day, Jewel woke up early because the police were going to their house to give an update. It had been 24 hours since her son disappeared.
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