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Chapter 13

  • Jewel didn't know how many minutes or hours had passed before her husband had finished grooming her. He keeps satisfying himself while she is crying in pain.
  • She looked at her tied hands and it almost blushed because of the extreme tightness of Thunder's tie, her husband made sure that she can't really escape.
  • She can also feel the pain on her cheek because of the several times it slapped him hard, as well as her jaw hurt and you can also include her stomach that her husband punched.
  • Anger started lingering in Jewel's heart as she looked at her husband. For her it wasn't the Thunder that she knew, in almost a year of being together as a married couple, Thunder didn't do such a thing to her.
  • She felt hatred towards her husband now! She loathes him! She regrets marrying a rapist!
  • "Ohhh Ahh, fuck fuck. Ahhh. Ahh Ahh." her husband moan as if he's in so much pleasure.
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