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Chapter 17

  • Jewel POV
  • She is standing in front of the mirror while looking at her whole being.
  • This is it, no turning back Jewel. You've suffered enough. - she thought to herself
  • Today is the day Cain and I will be going to Canada. There is no doubt that she will be leaving now, unlike before, that she doesn't want to leave Thunder. Maybe if it wasn't for what happened to them she wouldn't be in this situation now.
  • She closes her eyes as she remembers the times that she and Thunder were together. She loves her husband so much to the point that she doesn’t even notice that even herself is slowly breaking down.
  • She gave all her love to the person who doesn't love her at all. She realized that even if you love someone that much, you also need to save for yourself, you need to love yourself more. And now she has decided to leave her husband forever and start on her own again.
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