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Chapter 9

  • Aidan
  • As soon as I stop my car in front of my building, I immediately step out of the car to find Flynn anxiously making his way towards me—gripping hard onto his phone in his right hand and a file in the other. His eyes are drifting up to my face and down to my suit, making sure I'll be looking presentable for the meeting.
  • ''Flynn,'' I stop walking to see his eyes widening as he turns to look at me, ''Did you have lunch?'' I ask, leaving him glancing down at his wrist watch before shaking his head, slowly. Both of his eyes are looking back at me yet it's as if he's too afraid of making an eye contact.
  • ''I had to finish your work and I had to prepare the meeting,'' He replies before glancing down at his wrist watch, again. ''Mr. Ashton, is there something wrong? You're ten minutes late and people are already waiting for you to start the meeting,'' He continues to speak.
  • Within seconds, I've already reached out for a fifty dollar bill in my wallet before putting it in his hand which causes him to furrow his eyebrows in confusion. ''Do me a favour and spend that money on food,'' I say as he stands still, utterly speechless. ''Fully spend it. I don't accept changes.'' Then, I make my way towards the elevator after patting onto his shoulder, leaving him standing there, all by himself.
  • ''But . . . Mr. Ashton!'' He turns to run after me.
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