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Chapter 18

  • Aidan
  • ''No!'' Kenna's voice on the other line causes me to pull my phone away from my ear, closing my eyes in respond at the tone of her voice. The possibility of me going deaf is high if I have to deal with situations like this in the future, for the whole year.
  • My eyes wander to Flynn—who seems to have heard her sudden tantrum while I loosen my shirt's sleeves and roll them up to my elbows.
  • ''We talked about this and my answer will always be the same. I'm not going to Dallas. If you ever think about going . . . then, you can go without me.'' She continues to speak, leaving me turn around to look at the glass window; down the busy street in the city.
  • ''It's their anniversary, Kenna. What can I say?'' I sound defeated, not really knowing how to reason with Kenna for being stubborn. ''You're right, we're both very busy and committed to our careers but she's also right, family comes first. I can't say no to her and you know that,'' I add.
  • When I walked inside Empire, my employees were surprised to see me. They thought I'd be taking a week or probably even a month off to spend some quality time with my so-called-wife. Their eyes widen as they had expected otherwise but then again, I didn't say anything with the board about taking a time off.
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