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Chapter 40

  • Kenna
  • His family members are standing in this room as they turn to look at me but what catches my attention the most is the sight of Aidan, not laying on his back in a coma but sitting up straight with both of his brown eyes looking directly at me.
  • ''Let's give them some space,'' Diana says which causes the whole crowd to step out of the room, leaving Aidan and I to ourselves.
  • The way both of his brown eyes are staring directly at me causes me to panic, as if it's the first time that I've seen that stare even though he has done more than just staring before this whole chaos happened. Maybe, it's just the vibe or how much I've missed him in the past three months but I can't seem to stand up straight or keep the eye contact for any longer without trembling.
  • ''You're awake . . . '' I take a few steps closer towards him, trying to find the reality in this.
  • ''Do I know you?'' He asks, raising an eyebrow as he stays still at his spot—leaving me to grow speechless and somewhat confused. ''Do I know you, Dr. Anne?'' He glances down at my name tag before looking back up at my face.
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