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Chapter 35

  • Kenna
  • My eyes blink a few times before opening them to see Aidan sleeping soundly and closely near me, both of his arms are wrapped around my body as we're pressed against one another which causes me to smile as memories of last night creep up in my mind; instantly leaving me to feel my cheeks heat up, not expecting how great things went.
  • I press my hand on the side of his face as he continues to sleep, the way his chest moves up and down slowly without noticing how the sheets are barely covering our bodies yet we feel warm just by being close to one another—letting me lift my body up a little bit before pressing my lips against his, feeling him parting them and responding back within seconds.
  • A chuckle escapes from my lips as he wraps his arms around my waist, letting me sit on top of him, seeing him opening his droopy eyes as soon as I break the kiss.
  • ''Hi,'' I smile down at him, tucking a few strands of hair behind my ear without even caring if we're both still skin to skin—what we did last night would mean that we've seen everything that we've been hiding from each other for the past years and why would this morning be any different?
  • ''Hey,'' He replies, one of his hand soothingly rubbing onto my back as he adjusts his head on the pillow, both of his brown eyes are gazing into my blue ones; both of us smiling at each other, knowing that last night is still fresh in our minds.
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