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Chapter 33

  • Kenna
  • My heartbeat's raising with every step I take as I keep on replaying the scene in my head, smiling to myself like a fool. It happened quickly and I can't help but confess that Aidan has own my heart in just as I've owned his.
  • I enter the hotel to see Dimitri standing in the middle of the grand lobby as he talks to someone unfamiliar yet I pay no further attention to the man in front of him; only to him as I quickly run towards him, causing him to turn as soon as he heard my voice calling out his name continuously.
  • ''Dimitri!'' I exclaim one more time before wrapping my arms around him, leaving him with a surprise as he wraps his arms around my waist. ''You were right all along!'' I grin, widely.
  • Both of his light eyes look at me in confusion, ''I'm with a client, Kenna.'' He replies.
  • I turn to look at the man next to us as he has been staring at me all along, leaving me to gaze down at his clothes and up again at his features. Both of his light brown eyes would give off an exotic vibe yet there's something sweet about his smile.
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