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Chapter 26

  • Aidan
  • ''Ow! Ow!'' I close my eyes before holding back the pain, not liking how much pressure she's currently putting on my scrapes—then again, she doesn't bother to care about my pain or my complaints. ''Have you ever tried this 'thing' called slow dabbing?'' I ask.
  • To my surprise, she ends up dabbing onto my wounds, a little bit too hard; probably on purpose which causes me to clench my jaw. ''God . . . are you trying to kill me?'' I groan.
  • Her blue eyes look up into mine before her lips curve up into a cheeky smile, ''I'm sorry. I didn't know that you have a bad tolerance towards pain.'' She replies, throwing away the dirty cotton bud before slowly placing a clean bandage onto the wound. ''Maybe, you're just a crybaby,'' She adds.
  • ''Excuse me?'' My eyes widen, ''Me? A crybaby? Sweetheart, look at me—I'm anything but a crybaby. You were just being too rough on me,'' I smile without looking away from her face, seeing that she's currently enjoying my disagreement as she stands up, writing something on the papers in her hand.
  • ''So . . . I can't write?'' I ask, glancing down at my left arm.
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