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Chapter 32

  • Aidan
  • Truth be told, when I walked in on Kenna, I didn't expect to see an angel. The way she stood there confidently in the red lingerie which complimented her tanned skin and highlight her long legs, she was a breathtaking sight. At first I was confused and almost mistaken her as a Victoria's Secret angel; if you get what I mean. By far the only thing that made me forget about the whole stress at work.
  • From the moment I stepped inside, I was trying hard not to make her notice how my knees were growing weak just by seeing her look back at me; maybe it was my consciousness that kept on reminding me to be sober because I would've never kept my hands away from her if I followed my own lustful thoughts.
  • My lips curve up into a smile as I take a bite of my pancake, remembering back about last night. Even though we had dinner afterwards, things were pretty awkward between us and somehow quiet because we didn't have much to say—we were just trying to make the silence as our friend.
  • ''Kenna, are you up yet?'' I shout from the kitchen before walking out towards the hallway, gazing to her room; the door closed and not a single sound passing through which confuses me.
  • Kenna has never been the one to be late for anything, especially work. She might procrastinate here and there but being late for work is so unlike her, she's always punctual. That is one of the things I like about her; it's hard to find someone who can go through the same thing, everyday without complaining because as far as I've been with Kenna . . . she has not complained about her work but then again, she loves her job.
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