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Chapter 41

  • Kenna
  • Maybe, just maybe, I was too happy to begin with. The love that Aidan has been giving me is worth more than put into words and because of that, I truly believe in our own happy ending. Even though there isn't a happy ending in reality but only in fantasy yet I choose to believe and look forward to the kind of ending where Aidan and I get to share a kiss underneath the moonlight or even more like The Notebook where we get to kiss under the rain.
  • It has crossed my mind for me to make a new list. Something not on my own but with Aidan that we can fulfil it together, more like a list to complete the journey of our life and our marriage. After everything we've been through, I think it's fair to say that my life isn't everything without the appearance and presence of my twenty-two years best friend.
  • Like I said . . . being truly and fully happy has made me forget about the whole reality of the world, of what's happening in the East or even in the West which makes no sense. Aidan make me forget those things, no matter how important they tend to be, no matter how much value they mean to everyone else because he makes me focus onto my own path while being aware of my surroundings and somewhat the people around me.
  • We've been married for two years and a half now and our friendship is only growing stronger with every passing year which makes me believe into what I call 'fairy tale'. Not only does my friendship with Aidan keeps on growing stronger but also my friendship with Dimitri. There's nothing else that matters to me other than Aidan, my family which includes his and of course, Dimitri and yes . . . my career.
  • So, I guess there's only a few left of us in this.
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