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Chapter 36

  • Aidan
  • ''Good morning! Rise and shine, sweetheart. You got to go to work today so get that beautiful perky ass up,'' I say with a smile plastered on my face as I see her snuggling closer towards the pillows surrounding her, groaning in her sleep.
  • With one hand in my slacks' pocket, I look down at her as she enjoys her sleep. The way she has the comforter wrapped around her body like a burrito has somehow managed to make me chuckle early in the morning. Even though her hair is a mess and sticking out in different directions with her face slightly oily from her night skincare routine, she seems to be peacefully calm which eases me.
  • Yet, I still find her the most beautiful woman alive.
  • Going down on one knee, I lean closer towards her before pushing her hair away from her face; but not even receiving a single movement which causes me to poke her cheek, once, twice and even thrice.
  • Kenna groans as she starts to open her eyes, looking directly at me with confusion before glancing down at my outfit—seeing that I'm ready and well-dressed for my day at the office which causes her to sit up straight, ''I'm late for work!'' She exclaims, pushing the comforter away.
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