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Chapter 24

  • Kenna
  • ''I have a question,'' Aidan says, causing me to turn and look at him as we sit on opposite sides from one another on the ferris wheel; watching the crowd below, seeing how humans are rather tiny but we have big dreams while some might even have a big ass sass. ''Why did you break up with Noah?'' He asks.
  • ''You're direct,'' I chuckle as he joins me.
  • ''I mean . . . I know that you broke up with him but you never told me why, I want to know. I'm only seeing this as how I see him; in my own point of view but he seems like a really nice guy, Kenna. He was in love with you. So, why?'' His question seems more off than I expected, not that I didn't expect him to never ask questions like this but the reason why I broke up with Noah was never discussed.
  • Aidan's right, Noah was or still is a nice guy. He has always been there for me, no matter what or when. He understood me most and he took care of me when I needed him. There was no such thing as giving space when it comes to Noah because when we fight, it'll only last for a few minutes . . . he'd come straight to apologise, even though, sometimes . . . I was the cause of our fights and arguments.
  • ''I'm like the bad guy here, aren't I?'' I smile, playing with my fingers as he continues to look at me; only waiting for my answer.
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