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Chapter 25

  • Aidan
  • "Can you wear this for me?" Kenna asks, pointing at the blindfold on her hand which causes me to raise an eyebrow—slightly confused as she starts to smile.
  • "It's a blindfold," I reply before leaning back onto my seat, turning away from my laptop; trying to figure out what she's trying to door what she's probably thinking at the moment. The way her blue eyes are piercing directly into mine as she tries to hide her smile from growing wider . . . she's only making herself look suspicious. "Why do you want me to wear it?"
  • "Well, can't you just trust me?" She leans closer.
  • "No . . . I can't when you're acting suspiciously different." I answer, looking around the room to find if she's planning something but everything else looks normal to me. "Can you at least tell me why I have to wear it? Then, I might reconsider." I add, slowly.
  • She rolls her eyes, "I have a surprise, for you. Trust me," She places her hand on mine before slowly leaning closer towards me; our lips are inches apart as she puts the blindfold on, tying it behind my head—making me clench my jaw.
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