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Chapter 11

  • Kenna
  • ''Sixty-five thousand dollars?!'' I exclaim before turning to look at Aidan who seems slightly surprised at my sudden outburst while my mother and Diana are discussing with our wedding planner but has turned to look at me, causing him to cup onto my mouth.
  • He smiles at them as he pulls me towards the back of the wall and instantly making me push his hand away before trying to control my voice without causing a scene, ''I changed my mind and I don't want to have a wedding here, anymore. Sixty-five thousand dollars is a huge deal for me . . . Aidan, and you know that more than anyone else,'' I say, frowning.
  • ''Well, your list was filled with expensive venues and you expect otherwise?'' He raises an eyebrow, leaving me speechless. ''You knew about the price of renting the public library. At least fifty thousand dollars and you didn't say anything about it earlier?'' Both of his brown eyes are looking back at me with slight justice, knowing I was too excited to notice the price.
  • I stutter, ''Maybe . . . I didn't realise how expensive it was fifteen minutes ago. Now, I really just want to get the hell out of here and find somewhere else to held the wedding.''
  • Honestly, I've forgotten about how badly mad I am in trying to keep things at bay especially when it comes to spending money. Ever since my family went through a terrible experience with the company, I was too scared and probably in vain on spending money carelessly.
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