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Chapter 34

  • Kenna
  • My eyebrows furrow as Gerald comes to a stop near a private jet, causing me to look around but as soon as he opens the door for me, I'm left to step out of the car, feeling a little bit of an unknown feeling building inside.
  • ''So . . . here's my stop?'' I ask Gerald.
  • He smiles, ''I can't tell you that.''
  • ''Sworn to secrecy?'' I joke and he laughs, gesturing for me to take the next few steps before looking up to find a couple of stewardess and pilot to smile down at me; leaving me to sigh.
  • I walk up the stairs to the flight, ''Welcome, Mrs. Ashton. I'll take you inside,'' One of the stewardess says before walking ahead of me, making me follow her from behind and straight towards one of the seats, liking how comfortable they feel.
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