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Chapter 14

  • Aidan
  • ''We can do this. How hard can it be?'' Kenna says as she takes another sip of her wine before closing the door behind us with her foot, leaving us all by ourselves in a suite. ''We're both adults in this situation. We're not kids anymore,'' She continues to speak.
  • ''Exactly. I'm not doubting us in any way possible,'' I reply. My eyes wander around to look at her as she chuckles, showing off her perfectly straight teeth; knowing Kenna, the only way she would act like this is when she's drunk. She's never good in handling alcohol and that's maybe because she doesn't drink much in her past years.
  • She giggles which causes both of my eyebrows to furrow. Kenna would never giggle because she's just not that type. To my surprise, she starts to wrap her arms around my neck before pulling me closer as she leans her head back into laughters, ''I mean . . . come on, Aidan. It's not like we haven't done this before—we've been with different people. You've been with a lot of different people and you're very experienced,'' She runs her index finger across my cheek.
  • ''Why, thank you, Kenna. Women do tend to compliment my skills,'' My lips curve up into a smile as we start to walk towards the middle of the suite. ''I'm surprised to see you admit how experienced I am when it comes to things like this,'' I add, slowly.
  • With both of her blue eyes looking deeply into mine, ''Don't bring up other women in front of me. Starting from now . . . I'll be one to judge,'' She smirks, cutely.
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