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Chapter 12

  • Kenna
  • ''You really need to work on your vows,'' Dimitri says as he takes a seat, cringing at the papers in Aidan's hand—leaving me chuckling.
  • Aidan and I are currently working on our vows for our wedding, tomorrow. Believe me, other engaged couples would probably work on these kind of things a little bit earlier than we do but there's not much of a choice. In fact, getting married was also not a choice for him.
  • ''Come on, they're not that bad.'' He replies, rereading them.
  • A couple of hours have passed ever since we started but we haven't came across any less cheesy vows to be said. Most of the vows that are shown online, states how much love and how marriages are an everlasting thing but for some reason, saying that in front of everyone there including our families will be such a lie. A huge one.
  • Dimitri just arrived an hour ago and has started to condemn everything especially on Aidan's vows. It annoys him more than it should but he's doing a great job not throwing those crumpled papers onto his face—which is an improvement on his anger management issues.
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