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Chapter 15

  • Kenna
  • ''Can you give me a hand?'' I ask, putting stacks of books into the empty box in front of me; not wanting to leave the apartment without having them near my side—reading is one of the things that I can never stop doing, no matter how convincing someone might be to stop me.
  • Aidan walks towards my direction before stopping near me, leaving me to look up at him and see that he's currently giving me a mannequin's hand which causes me to flinch. He leans his head back into laughters, enjoying my reaction as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, not expecting him to literally give me a hand.
  • ''Where the hell did you get that?'' I immediately ask as he continues to laugh, making me try my best not to join him.
  • ''Kenna, years of knowing you . . . never thought you were a creep. I found it in the store room and I don't even know why you have it,'' He replies, taking a closer look at the plastic hand before poking my back with it—making me lean my body forward and away from him.
  • ''Give me that,'' I say as I try to take it away from him but he starts to lift it up, away from my reach due to our heights. ''Very funny. Ha ha ha, now give it to me.''
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