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Chapter 23

  • Kenna
  • You know that there's a word called 'smh' which means 'shaking my head'? Well, that's clearly what I'm doing right now as I cup onto my face, feeling the heat radiating as I continue to walk back towards our tents; this is way too much for me to handle right now. What was that?
  • Glancing at his lips? That was purposely asking him to kiss me! That was like giving him a hint. For god's sake . . . I can't be much dumber than now. I shouldn't have done that because if I didn't, he wouldn't have kissed me. He wouldn't even lean forward for the romantic intimacy.
  • Did I say . . . romantic?!
  • I am slowly going insane. I can feel it. My medulla oblongata is probably damaged for letting my heart rate raise; even more, my heart might even be pumping a lot of unnecessary blood throughout my body for the feelings I'm currently having.
  • Let's admit it. One by one. There are a lot of reasons to have feelings for someone like Aidan. More particular, for Aidan . . . so, let's list out why. Maybe, this is just a phase where it will pass and we can all pretend like it never happened.
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