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Chapter 30

  • Aidan
  • Black. Sadness. Respect.
  • The amount of people being here shows just how much he was a good man. A great man. A father and a loving husband—he is going to be talk of the city and there's no one going to deny the goodness he had when he was alive. There's no better reason why . . . there's no need for any reasons at all. Not even one.
  • John deserved better. He didn't deserve to die this way; no one would deserve this way. His family doesn't deserve to feel this pain and he certainly didn't have to live like this. Either way, John . . . rest in peace. You were the best father I never had—I saw how much you loved Kenna and Julia with all of your heart, I saw her grew up to be the most beautiful woman and I saw how well you took care of your girls. You deserved more.
  • I look around to see the look on their faces, eyes swollen, tears drying and heart breaking. It's not a sight worth seeing as it keeps on making my heart ache; especially by looking down at Kenna as she leans closer towards me, my arm around her waist, wanting to keep her safe and wanting to give her support.
  • My lips lay onto the top of her head before pulling her closer, wanting her to know that I'll always be here for her, no matter what. She will always have me by her side as she lives her life, no matter how. She won't come across another day without me being a part of me, no matter why.
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