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Chapter 22

  • Aidan
  • I can't help myself. I can't help it when I feel the need or more likely the urge to look at her. Yet, with every turn and every glance . . . she would never fail to surprise me with her natural beauty. Even though she used to tell me about how insecure she is, I can't seem to find the flaws she once mentioned.
  • ''You can't stop, huh?'' Alain asks, trying to make sure the tents stay up all night than falling apart.
  • ''You're not mad at me, anymore?'' I ask him back, changing the subject before he has a chance to ask because I know . . . it's always about Kenna. He notices almost everything when it comes to Kenna and I, probably because he's the older brother or he's just more caring than me but that's just the way he is.
  • Especially when it comes to Mia. It's as if he couldn't stop asking or wondering about her. I mean, I care about Mia, too . . . she's my one and only sister, for god's sake, why wouldn't I care for her? It's just that, Alain cares for her much more than I can even imagine; he'd help her with almost anything.
  • A few months ago, Mia had a bad fever. He was worried sick that he decided to stay home to take care of her than going to work; until mother convinced that she can take his place.
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