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Chapter 21

  • Kenna
  • My eyes wander to find Aidan sleeping soundly beside me, his eyes closed and his lips are slightly apart but what attracts me most is the length of his eyelashes. They are thick and long enough to make me feel envy . . . but in a good way. Not only do I feel envy but I feel lucky, waking up next to someone beautiful for at least a year of my life.
  • The exact same guy who pushed me down the swing when I was little, also the same guy who made an agreement with me which involves marriage for an agreed amount of time.
  • ''You can keep staring at me if you want but take a picture . . . it'll last longer,'' He mutters under his breath as his eyes flutter open, meeting mine. They are both staring back at me with the same intensity that would cause anyone going weak on their knees but I have my mind set up properly, not going to just stare back at him in awe.
  • I scoff, ''As if. You were drooling and it was disgusting. Why on earth would I be staring at you?'' Both of my hands push away the sheets from covering my body before sitting up straight, seeing his lips slowly curving up into a smile; showing off his perfectly straight teeth, not really believing me.
  • He grabs me by the waist, freezing me.
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