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Chapter 17

  • Aidan
  • ''Where the hell did I put it?'' I mutter under my breath before letting out a deep sigh, searching through the crowded drawers.
  • I've spent an hour and a half to look for the bracelet ever since we got home while Kenna and Dimitri are busy unpacking. Their laughters are heard from above and I try my best not to be bothered by their chatters, laughters and even their arguments as I search my entire room for the friendship bracelet.
  • How can something . . . pink go unnoticed? The last time I saw it was probably two years ago, when I got new drawers and decided to place all of my 'unnecessary' stuff in there. Unfortunately, the bracelet is not really unnecessary, at the moment. It's like my whole life depends on that bracelet because truth be told, I don't want to disappoint her.
  • Wandering around my room and going through each drawer including my walk-in closet has caused my room to be a mess. Clothes, shoes and even bags are scattered on the floor in different directions, almost leaving the drawers empty in order for me to find the bracelet, easier.
  • With a deep sigh escaping my lips, my eyes wander to the top of the drawer near the wall. Within seconds, I begin to realise the pink material which causes my eyes to widen before running towards it—somehow, couldn't really believe the fact that it has been sitting here all along, instead of being in one of the drawers.
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