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Chapter 38

  • Kenna
  • Dimitri and I sit side by side while we face the two police officers, one a detective and the other an assistant—holding onto a notepad with a pen as I feel Dimitri slowly grab onto my hand, trying to calm me down which causes me to smile up at him, assuring him that I'm alright.
  • ''We're truly sorry for what happened to your husband, Mrs. Ashton. How are you holding up?'' He asks, looking straight into my eyes.
  • My eyes wander to his every features, wanting to take a closer look—he seems to be around my age or probably a couple of years older and it's quite weird to hear him call me 'Mrs. Ashton' instead of just calling me by my name.
  • ''Kenna's fine,'' I mutter.
  • ''Alright, Kenna. You can call me Irwin,'' He leans forward by placing both of his elbows on the desk before clearing his throat. ''We managed to catch the criminal as soon as he tried to get away but he shot himself before we could even respond,'' He adds, leaving me to frown.
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