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Chapter 27

  • Kenna
  • His lips begin to travel down to my neck, slowly leaving burning kisses onto my skin as I try my best to control my breaths rather than falling head over heels. Both of my hands are wrapped around his neck—lifting his face up to meet mine, causing him to lean his forehead against mine as he clenches his jaw.
  • ''Aidan,'' I breathe out.
  • ''Mmm?'' He responds as he open his eyes to look directly into mine.
  • ''One more. Just one more,'' I lean closer towards his ear before whispering the words; leaving him to grip onto my waist, teasing me by leaving kisses down my jawline—making me run my fingers through his dark brown hair.
  • Just as I'm about to say something, he has already kissed me on the lips. The movement of his lips on mine appears to be cautiously slow but filled with desire and somewhat . . . lust as he cups onto my face with his right hand, letting me drop my hands down to his waist; trying to find something to grip in order to make sure that this is real.
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