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Chapter 29

  • Kenna
  • Thinking back of the way he reacted and how he left without saying goodbye or bothered as I was the one who was supposed to drop him off—it's starting to tense me, more and more.
  • ''Kenna,'' I turn around to see Lucas walking towards me with a smile plastered on his face; both of his green eyes are piercing deeply into mine without showing any signs of looking away in the nearest future. ''How you've been?''
  • My lips curve up into a smile, ''Fine. How about you? Still getting high demands?'' I ask, receiving a light chuckle from him as he shoves his hand into his coat's pocket.
  • ''Can't run away from that,'' He grins, continuing to look at me as his mind wanders off to think. ''Is it too late to ask you out for lunch?'' His voice almost inaudible as the hallway is being filled with busy doctors and nurses walking around, tending to their patients.
  • ''I just ate,'' I answer with a small smile on my face; it's not that I wouldn't want to have lunch with Lucas but something as simple as having lunch with him can lead into more—people might know that I'm married and he's aware of that but I fear being the one who might trip and fall.
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