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Chapter 20

  • Aidan
  • I walk down the stairs to find my mother and father laughing to the jokes they make, instantly causing me to turn around; looking for Kenna but there's no sign of her presence. My eyes landed on my brother, who's busy talking to Ava—listening to her explanation about dolls.
  • ''Where's Kenna?'' My mother appears beside me.
  • ''She's outside,'' Mia replies as she walks past both of us, her phone in her hand without even sparing a second glance—making me nod my head, glancing at my mother again.
  • ''Call her in. Dinner's ready,'' Mother responds, patting onto my shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen.
  • It's no doubt that the word 'dinner' coming from her mouth sounds a little strange. It's probably because we haven't had the chance to even have dinner together ever since I left high school but then again, even before university, Alain was never around at home. He was always focusing on university without even taking his time to go head home . . . I never blame him.
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