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Chapter 84 Shen Yu’an’s Parents

  • Su Meng had never imagined that she would hear this from Little Kai Kai’s mouth. For a moment, she had even thought that Little Kai Kai had seen the DNA test report which she had hidden.
  • Little Kai Kai was only five years old, but he was knowledgeable. Surely, he would have no problem reading that report.
  • She could find no other possible explanation for him saying that if he had not seen that report.
  • Not knowing how to face him, Su Meng lowered her head and kept quiet.
  • On the contrary, it was Zhao Zhijun and the two others who were agitated.
  • Zhao Zhijun anxiously looked at Little Kai Kai and explained, “Yankai, I’m Daddy. I’m really your father. I’ve done wrong in the past. Your mother was angry with me, and she left with you. I didn’t know about your existence, so I have neglected my duty as a father all these years. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.”
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