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Chapter 79 Mother’s Debut

  • Su Meng thought that if she had moved to a new place and blocked Zhao Zhijun’s number, she would get rid of him for good.
  • However, she had sorely underestimated Zhao Zhijun’s shamelessness.
  • When it was time to get off work, Su Meng saw her mother, Hu Yang, awaiting her in her company’s guest area.
  • Surprised, she walked up to her and greeted, “Mother, why are you here?”
  • Zhao Zhijun, who stood beside Hu Yang, waved to Su Meng. “Hi, Meng Meng.”
  • Hu Yang rolled her eyes at Su Meng. She was someone who cared about face. Even though the blood within her was boiling, she did not give Su Meng a hard time in her own workplace. Hu Yang proceeded to head out and commanded, “Let’s go.”
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