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Chapter 70 Let’s Remarry

  • Su Meng thought that Zhao Zhijun would be more audacious and directly go to court to sue her.
  • Sadly, she had underestimated this person’s shamelessness.
  • On Monday morning, Su Meng went to work as usual after she had sent Little Kai Kai to school.
  • When her work had ended in the afternoon and she arrived on the lower floor of her company, she noticed Zhao Zhijun sitting on one of the couches
  • He was wearing a suit and tie. Thanks to the good life that he was leading, he appeared very dignified and refined even though it was merely a facade.
  • Su Meng had originally been smiling and talking with her colleague when she then turned her head and glimpsed him. Her expression turned somewhat unsightly, and she inquired, “What are you doing here?”
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