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Chapter 67 Scumbag’s Harassment

  • Su Meng recalled Liu Liyun marching up to her company and causing a scene a couple of days ago. She was so tired and sick of this couple constantly appearing before her. As a result, she merely let Zhao Zhijun knock all he wanted but did not open the door for him.
  • “Zhao Zhijun, leave at once! I won’t open this door! If you knock again, I’ll call the police!”
  • Zhao Zhijun continued knocking on her door and excitedly shouted, “Su Meng, open the door! I’m Yankai’s father! His father! You can’t stop me from seeing my son!”
  • Su Meng thought that Zhao Zhijun had to have gone insane. She had even allowed him to do a DNA test, yet he maintained firmly that he was Little Kai Kai’s father. He definitely had lost his mind.
  • “Zhao Zhijun, don’t come here like a lunatic and talk bullshit! Get the hell away from here! Otherwise, I’ll call the police for real this time!”
  • Zhao Zhijun was about to go mad with impatience. “Su Meng, Yankai really is my son! Just look at the report here! Open up!”
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